Tips for Paint Protection during Winter

Winter isn’ttypically the time for joyrides, but summer will be here soon enough, andyou’re going to want your car to look good when it does. To prevent winter fromtaking a toll on your car’s paint, follow these tips from our I-CAR auto bodypros:

Fully Remove Snow and Ice from Your Glass,not Your Auto Body

For fullvisibility through your windows, you need to completely remove all snow, ice, slush,etc. from your windows. When Albuquerque gets enough accumulation, you may alsoneed to clear some snow off your hood to keep it from blurring your vision asit blows back towards the windshield. But if you do, don’t scrape off all thesnow.

Likely, you didnot have your car freshly washed before the snowfall. That means your car iscovered in road grime and fine grit. If you brush off snow and ice from thebody, you scrape that grit across your paint, and that causes scratches. Anydamage to your vehicle’s exterior coat invites corrosion, and wet winterconditions speed up that process. It’s better just to let the last bit of snowand ice melt away without any applied pressure.

Get Your Car Washed during Winter Warm-ups

Like rain, snowwill take dirt from the air and deposit it on your car. Dirty spray from othervehicles’ tires creates another coat of muck on your paint. Whenever theweather is warm enough, get your car washed. (By “warm enough” we mean 40° orabove for at least two hours after the wash).

Use Wax

If you’re going toget your car washed, you might as well get it waxed. Wax adds a layer ofprotection to your car’s exterior coating.

Your clear coat isformulated to protect the paint from oxidation (rust and corrosion). Waxprotects the oils in the clear coat from deterioration from UV and exposure toother corrosive elements—like salt.

You don’t need togo overboard, though. If you waxed your car at the beginning of winter, you donot need to reapply until spring. But if you can’t remember or you know youskipped that car-care step last time you got your car washed, opt for wax.

If you have inadvertently abused your car’s paint this winter and it shows, Quanz Auto Body can make it better. Contact us or visit one of our three locations in the greater Albuquerque area.