The Women of Quanz Advanced Auto Body

Cars and all things auto-related are usually thought to be part of the guys’ realm along with professional wrestling and wrapping everything in bacon. But at Quanz Advanced Auto Body, we have quite a number of brave women willing to put up with our boyish hijinx and help us deliver quality collision repair and automotive maintenance service. And since September is National Women of Achievement Month, now seems the perfect time as any to recognize them.

The Ringmasters…We Mean Bookkeepers

Quanz Advanced Auto Body has been a family-owned Westside institution for over 30 years, and while you’d think that the three Quanz brothers would be firmly in charge of the place by now, that’s only sort of the case. Chrissy has been the bookkeeper at Quanz for 17 years. She’s really the one who’s running the show. She keeps customers happy by simplifying the who-pays-for-this-me-or-my-insurance-company-? rigamaroll, and by doing so, keeps our lights on.

Chrissy is joined by Renee who has helped juggled the accounts for 4 years. Without these ladies, we’d be back to an out-of-our-home-garage operation. And while we value our business roots, we don’t want to revisit them so closely.

The Smiling Faces You Meet

Our ringmasters tend to manage our circus from above, away from the view. So, when you come into Quanz Advanced Auto Body, you’re more likely to see the friendly smiling faces of our administrative assistants.

In the Mechanical Shop, Kelly takes care of the front desk business, and after nine years, she knows what she’s doing. From scheduling your routine maintenance and arranging your shuttle to work to checking you out and returning your keys, Kelly does it all with a smile. She’s been around long enough to field quite a bit of technical questions, too…and she may be able to explain some stuff without all the geeky jargon.

In the Body Shop, we have two administrative assistants to help walk you through the process of getting your car restored to pre-collision condition: Liane and Anne. Both women have been with us for a year and can help you navigate the sometimes confusing course of insurance coverage.

The Estimator

Chris has been our Body Shop Estimator for about a year and a half. Talk about a woman who sees more than just looks! Chris knows the ins and outs of panel construction, alignment, (re)painting, etc., so she can look past the cringe-worthy damage to accurately assess what it’s going to take to restore your beauty’s beauty and drivability.

We’d like to tell you more about Quanz’s Women of Achievement, but they’re so “let’s get down to business” they wouldn’t pause for full interviews…and that’s a big part of the how and why to Quanz Advanced Auto Body’s prompt, quality service!