What Your Car Color Says About You

When selecting a car, you might think about many different things. You might consider fuel efficiency or how much trunk space it has. Every part of the car that you eventually choose to buy says a great deal about you. For example, your 4-door sedan might mean that you wanted a family car with easy access from all sides for a car seat.

The color of your car is also very important. It can reveal a side of you that the practice features just can’t.

The Colors and What they Mean

Colors have the ability to help us process emotion. There have even been studies linking certain colors to healing. Some people think that certain colors will bring them good luck or prosperity in business ventures. When smoothly coating your car, here’s what colors say about you:

If the color of your car is black, then:

You like the idea of empowerment and class. You probably have an appreciation for the more elegant things in life. You are not easily manipulated and probably spend a lot of time considering your options before you choose one!

If the color of your car is white, then:

You appreciate cleanliness in your car and in your life. There isn’t much to hide under a white surface, so you are probably direct in your dealings and don’t often attempt to mislead people.

If the color of your car is silver, then:

You are constantly interested in the newest, latest, futuristic gadgets and inventions. People who gravitate towards this color are not content to be “ordinary” but lead a life that suggests more prestige than that.

If the color of your car is red, then:

You live life in the fast lane! Owners of red cars are outgoing, passionate and dynamic in their interests. A person with a red colored car might be perceived as high-energy and exciting.

If the color of your car is orange, then:

You are definitely unique! People who own orange cars are known to be a little different, and most likely on the more artistic side.

If the color of your car is brown, then:

You are probably down-to-earth and stable in your life. Known as a no-nonsense kind of color, owners of brown cars don’t leave much wiggle room for dishonest people.

If the color of your car is yellow, then:

You most likely are the life of the party with a great sense of humor. These people don’t mind standing out of the crowd and being a little different.

If the color of your car is blue, then:

You are trustworthy and impeccable with your word. In business dealings, you’ll honor every part of your agreement, no matter what the costs are! The most dependable of the colors, a person with a blue car will hardly ever let you down!

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(Please note that none of this insight into the color of your car is meant to be taken seriously, or at least not insultingly. Honestly, it’s fun speculation at best!)