Getting to Know your Vehicle’s Suspension System

Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque is your one-stop-shop for mechanical and collision repairs. We service all makes and models of vehicles. We believe in giving our customers quality information so they aren’t stuck in the dark when something is happening to their vehicle. This week we talk about vehicle suspension systems. These are very important part of your vehicle and we will tell you why.


What is a Suspension System?

The suspension system of a car has a very important job. Its job is to maximize the friction between your vehicle’s tires and the surface of the road. It also provides steering stability. These systems have changed with the auto industry over the years and there are a few different types that every car owner should be aware of.

Suspension Types

There are different suspension systems that are available for both front and rear axles on vehicles. They are grouped in two categories, dependent and independent suspension types that apply to traditional and analogue suspension systems.

In 2006, the idea of fully-independent suspension systems began appearing on cars where the roll-over bar was replaced with computer software connected to an electronically-controlled suspension system. Suspension systems are different depending on which wheel axle they are controlling.

Dependent Suspension Systems

A dependent suspension system is a solid-axle suspension that is great for off-roading vehicles. A front suspension, dependent system is physically linked. Most dependent systems contain a solid bar under the front of the vehicle that is kept in place by springs and shock absorbers. This is still very common on trucks with four-wheel drive. This type of system is very rugged and can handle a lot of rough terrain.

Independent Suspension Systems

Independent suspension systems are great for light, everyday vehicles. In an independent front wheel suspension system, the system is independent of the wheel axles (except when joined by an anti-roll bar). This type of suspension system came around in 1930 and has been used in one form or another ever since. Most vehicles today will have a form of this suspension system.

How Quanz Makes it Better

Here at Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we make it better by having only ASE Certified professionals handling all your auto suspension repairs. We make sure that your vehicle performs at its maximum capacity. Our team of experts provides all manner of suspension repairs for all types of auto suspension systems. With only the highest quality parts, you can trust that we will get the job done right the first time.